Itiwit X100 Inflatable Touring Stand-Up Paddle Board Review

Looking for an affordable beginner inflatable stand-up paddleboard? Coming in at under $500, the Itiwit X100 may be an option worth looking at. This board is designed for all-round use, cruising or surfing small waves. 

But what are the pros and cons of this SUP? How does it compare to other boards on the market? Keep reading our product review to find out!

Itiwit is the SUP and kayak brand owned by sports and outdoors retailer Decathlon. These products are an affordable entry level option for those wishing to dip a toe into the world of paddleboarding. But how does it compare to other boards in the same price range?

Core Stability

The wide and stable design to help keep you from taking an unexpected dip! It also ensure that you'll be able to get on and off the board easily

Lightweight and easy-to-carry

Carry this SUP easily in the backpack provided. Inflatable boards are a great choice for anyone who prizes portability.

Take a friend aboard

With a maximum load of 705 lbs, it can be suitable for 2 people. This SUP could suit the whole family, whether you want to take your partner, child or even your pup along for the adventure

Versatile performance

The X100’s versatile pointed shape makes it suitable for a range of uses, including cruising and small waves.

What other paddleboarders are saying about the Itiwit X100

The Itiwit X100 inflatable stand-up paddle board continues to receive mixed reviews. It has been reviewed positively by some users who have found it easy to transport and store. Paddleboarders have also appreciated the board's weight, which makes it easy to take out, even for smaller riders.

However, some others have noted that the board is not as described - it is not suitable for riders weighing more than 175 lbs. Additionally, some paddleboarders have experienced problems with quality of the board, including the seams of the board coming apart after use or the fins breaking easily.

A Better Alternative?

The Gili Air 10'6": A great option in the same price range as the Itiwit X100

Ultimately, whilst the Itiwit X100 is not a bad first board option, there are better options out there which are likely to last better. Boasting far superior performance and build quality, we recommend the Gili Air 10'6". This solid all-round board is a great option in the same price range as the Itiwit X100.

You can read more about the Gili Air 10'6" or buy it here.

You can buy the Itiwit X100 here.

Unfortunately, the build quality of the Itiwit X100 is a recurring issue. Whilst many appear to have positive experiences with this board, it’s clear that there are better built boards on the market in this price range.

Still looking for your first board? Check out the best beginner paddleboards or our guide to choosing your first board.


Itiwit x100


Gili Air 10’6"

Gili Sports
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