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How to keep your paddleboard in good condition

Have you just purchased your first SUP or are you just simply wondering how to look after your paddleboard in the best way. We have researched high and low and compiled all of our personal experiences to give you the best ways to keep your paddleboard in tip-top condition.

We have compiled a simple four-step process to help you keep your paddleboard in the best condition.

1. Clean your paddleboard regularly

Not only should you rinse off your paddleboard with clean water after every use (especially if you have been using it in saltwater) but you also need to give it a proper wash regularly. Depending on how and where you use your paddleboard will determine how often it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. We recommend that you use a mild soap and water solution and a soft-bristled brush to clean your SUP. Avoid using solvents or strong chemicals as that could damage the board. The next step is to rinse off all of the soap with water and dry it with a cloth. Alternatively, you can leave it out to air dry. Making sure your board is completely dry before storing it away is key to keeping your paddleboard in great condition.

2. Keep it out of the sun

Depending on where you store your paddleboard it is best to keep it out of the natural elements, especially the sun. If you leave your board out in the sun for long periods of time it may cause discolouration, delamination and allow cracks to form. If you use your SUP regularly then storing your paddleboard outside in a shaded area or indoors is perfectly fine. However, if you are storing it for long periods of time (e.g for the whole winter) then it is recommended to store it in a board bag which keeps it both dry and out of direct light. This will also keep your board from getting scratched and/or dented.

3. Protect your paddleboard

SUPs are very sturdy however with regular use a few dents or scratches are inevitable. Protecting your paddleboard is a key factor in keeping it in good condition for a long time. If you notice any marks on the rails of the board then this might be from your paddle connecting to the rails. Rail tape can be used to protect the rails from getting chipped. Small dings in the fiberglass shell can occur from storage or from loading the SUP in and out of your car. These are very easy to repair, however, if you notice a crack it is critical to take it out of the water as soon as possible. Water damage could potentially affect your board's performance and cause it to be completely unusable.

4. Correct storage

There are many different ways to store your SUP and this depends on how much space you have available to keep your paddleboard.

- On a rack: Using a rack system is a common storage solution. No matter if you make one yourself or purchase one, the rack should have padding to protect your board.

- Suspended: Hanging your board from the ceiling is a good way to get it out of the way and to utilise the space in a more effective manner. You can purchase a suspension system or make your own using wide webbing straps. To protect the hull in the best way make sure that it faces towards the ceiling.

- Leaning: This is the simplest solution and you can do this by leaning it against a wall. Remember to never lean it with its nose down. The best way is to lean it on its side or on its tail. It’s always recommended to put some paddling between the board and the floor or wall to protect both your SUP and the wall/floor. Depending on how and where you are storing your board it might be a good idea to use a strap or something similar to secure the board so it won’t come crashing down.

- As wall art: If there is nowhere to store your SUP outside of your home why not display your pride and joy as a piece of art. You will need to pay attention to the size and weight of the board to secure it correctly however this could be a win-win as it is both an art piece and a practical item. However, it is best to store it away from direct sunlight and not in the hottest part of the house. You can buy specific padded SUP hooks online.

Storing inflatable paddleboards

For inflatable paddleboards, there are a few ways that you can limit damage and store it correctly. The best way to store it is to partially inflate the board and store it as you would a rigid board. This can help prevent it from developing permanent creases and deformities. However, we understand that this might not always be possible because inflatable SUPs are often purchased by people who want a compact board.

So if you are limited in space then follow these steps to prevent damage:

1. Leave the valve open

2. Make sure the board is clean and dry before storage

3. Keeping it loosely rolled up is the best way to avoid cracks and creases.

4. Keeping it in a cool and dry indoor storage location is the best for the board.

Do not do this with your paddleboard…

You may think storing your SUP in bubble wrap will be the best way to protect it. Honestly, it’s a good train of thought however as most bubble wraps are made from a type of resin and it can stick to surfaces. This is especially troublesome if your board is exposed to sunlight as the little bubbles act as a mini magnifying glass focusing the heat onto your board.

Protecting your SUP can be simple and you can keep it in the best shape possible by following our advice above. Luckily it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to make sure your board lives a long life. We recommend adding these SUP care steps into your daily paddleboarding routine.

Now we hope you have all of the information to keep your paddleboard in the best condition possible. We know from experience that if you take care of your investment it will allow you to continue your adventures for many years to come.

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